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What Our Remote Athletes Are Saying

"Before joining Vanguard, I was training regularly but without a plan and was beginning to see a plateau in my progress. I was neglecting my nutrition and recovery in pursuit of working harder to compensate in the gym.

Now that my nutrition and recovery habits outside the gym support the work I’m doing inside the gym, my progress has started to compound!

I honestly can’t think of any cons to the 1:1 Remote Coaching. When the coach is researching, learning, and putting individual effort into each of his clients and their goals, you get assistance with YOUR goals, not someone else’s!"

James Mingle - Recreational Bodybuilder

“It was very professional and beneficial. Being long distance I didn’t think it would be able to go as smoothly as it did but it really was seamless.

The biggest thing I’ve changed is my diet. Eating clean and eating nutrient-dense calories is something I had no concern for before last year. As far as in the gym, the program I was on focused less on max strength and more on actual work and movements which were perfect for me. I definitely want to continue that type of routine.

Rugby has been going great and I’ve even got a chance to be on Rugby ATL’s academy team. I’m going to keep working with Spencer and hopefully keep advancing in my rugby career.”

Jordan Argilagos - College & Minor League Rugby

“I needed an easy plan to follow along for fitness and nutrition. The Instagram videos also got me more interested.

It’s been great! The trainers are knowledgeable and passionate about their work and it shows.

I eat better now and take recovery more seriously which makes me able to go harder on training days.

I’ve never felt better. I feel stronger, fast, and better in my overall health.”

Nick Leonard - General Population Athlete


Training Programs Customized to Match Your Schedule, Goals, & Sport

Work with one of our Certified Coaches to build a Strength & Conditioning Plan customized to fit your goals and sport's demands.

Whether you are currently Off-Season, In-Season, or Preparing for an Upcoming Fight; our coaches are committed to building a Strength & Conditioning Plan that will ensure you show up to your Competitions, Sports Season, & Life ready to dominate!

Applicants must be over 15 years of age AND have at least 1 year of training experience to apply for Remote 1:1 Coaching. Novice athletes will be better suited with 1:1 or Small Group Training.

Image by Nick Morrison
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