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What People Are Saying

"All aspects of my performance as a Fighter and Overall Athlete have improved tremendously since working with Vanguard.

These guys have changed my whole viewpoint on proper training, nutrition, and recovery! I’m able to make appropriate food choices to support my goals in and out of the gym.

I’m comfortably down 20 pounds from when we started working together and leaner than I’ve ever been just by making a few small tweaks in my eating habits! I feel stronger, faster, and can throw high kicks so much easier than before, plus I’m not picking up nagging injuries like I used to!"

Jace Mathis - Amateur Kickboxer

“Phenomenal! Incomparable, he is so willing to help. Not only gives you what you need to eat but why! When things needed to change he explained everything so thoroughly. I was underweight with ease!

To be honest it was beyond perfect. There weren’t any adjustments I’d say to make off of my case in particular. It worked so well and kept the weight cut week stress-free. Beyond satisfied. It was top notch!”

Dylan O'Sullivan - Professional MMA Fighter & Boxer


Nutrition Coaching for Weight Class Athletes, Team Sport Athletes, & Motivated Individuals Looking to Skip the Fads & Learn What Works

NO Crash Diets, NO Fad Diets, and NO BS!

Using a Straight Forward, Science-Based Approach Coach Speenz will help you build a sustainable nutrition plan to match your performance goals and lifestyle habits!

While often overcomplicated, Coach Speenz works to simplify nutrition down to what's important for your goals to ensure you're spending your time, energy, and money on what will actually produce desired changes rather than unfulfilled promises. 

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