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What Our Athletes Are Saying

“Having trained with the Vanguard coaches in jiu jitsu, I knew that their strength, conditioning, and mobility were on another level. That combined with their enthusiasm for helping others achieve greater performance made it an easy decision.

Training with Vanguard has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last year. Their programming and guidance has allowed me to regain strength, mobility, and agility that I thought were a thing of the past. At 40 years of age, I’m setting new PRs and moving better than I have in a decade. I can’t thank the coaches at Vanguard enough for helping me to evolve my strength and conditioning program.

Since working with Vanguard, I’ve seen continued increases in max strength and rate of force development. The coaches at Vanguard are making sure that my speed and power aren’t the weak links in my jiu jitsu.

The biggest change for me has been incorporating movement and agility drills into my routines. That, combined with a greater focus on functional movements, has resulted in huge real world gains for me. And that in turn has caused me to focus a lot more on proper nutrition and recovery to facilitate those gains.”

Jeremy Maden - Recreational Grappler

“At first, I was a bit skeptical as to if it could compare to my previous routine. However, it did and then some.

I’m much more agile in my approaches. My movement has certainly improved dramatically. The added mobility work and movement-based exercises certainly changed how my body moved and operated in the cage and in training itself for the better. I was blown away at the progression of my mobility by the simple adjustments that were needed in said routine.

My quick-twitch fiber muscles certainly saw dramatic improvement and it’s been a catalyst for my reaction timing and movement progress. I feel much more explosive, stronger, and agile.

I’m pleased to say I’m a firm believer in their process and I cannot wait to see the results in the future.“

Randall Austin Jr. - Professional MMA Fighter

“I came from an Old School, Gritty Bodybuilding Style of training throughout High School that emphasized Max Strength Training over correct form.

All aspects of my performance as a Fighter and Overall Athlete have improved tremendously since working with Vanguard. I now know how to lift, recover, and fuel properly for each session, but also why I’m doing these things and how they can impact my performance.

These guys have changed my whole viewpoint on proper training, nutrition, and recovery! I’m able to make the right food choices to support my goals in and out of the gym.

I’m comfortably down 20 pounds from when we started working together and leaner than I’ve ever been just by making a few small tweaks in my eating habits! I feel stronger, faster, and can throw high kicks so much easier than before, plus I’m not picking up nagging injuries like I used to!

These guys have a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals and are committed to helping you succeed! If you can stay consistent, it will change your life so just do it!”

Jace Mathis - Amateur Kickboxer

“My Strength & Conditioning was very randomized with no consistent planning resulting in very scattered training.

We’ve fixed a lot of my stability issues so I feel much more sturdy on the mats and less like Bambi!

I’ve had 5 fights with these guys and in each bout, you can see clear improvements in how I look AND how I perform! Some of that is from being on the mats more frequently, but a big part comes from building the capacity to get into these positions by training with Vanguard.

If you’re an athlete on the fence about joining Vanguard who wants to get dialed in and take your game to another level…do that! Take it up a notch!”

Preston Schick - Professional MMA Fighter



Work 1:1 or In a Small Group with One of Our Coaches to Stay Fit, Strong, & Powerful Year-round

1:1 and Small Group Training Sessions are a great option for both Professional Athletes looking for Personalized Coaching and Amateur Athletes looking for Top-Tier Training to take them to the Next Level!

If you don't fancy yourself an Athlete, don't fret! We work with a variety of Business Professionals & General Fitness Enjoyers looking to Maximize their Training ROI!

Roster space is very limited. Please apply for coaching below and one of our coaches will be in touch with you shortly to inform you of your enrollment status.

For now, we are only serving the greater Tri-Cities, Tennessee area at select locations. 

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